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The State of Maryland loses approximately 260 acres of tidal shoreline due to erosion each year, resulting in a loss of public and private property, historic and cultural sites, recreational beaches, productive farmland and forested areas

Each year erosion contributes approximately 11 million cubic yards of sediment into the Chesapeake Bay, intensifying the need for navigational dredging and diminishing water quality due to increased turbidity. Dorchester County is the major loser in the erosion problem comprising 54% of total loss.

Holland Island

The Holland Island Preservation Foundation was founded in 1995 by Stephen L. White. As a former waterman and Methodist minister who has seen the island's changes since 1951, he decided to take action. The Holland Island Preservation Foundation is a nonprofit organization recognized by the Internal Revenue Service with the 509(a)(1) status reserved for public charities.

Holland Island wildlife

We have volunteer groups ready to come over and help with our preservation efforts. However, our ability to maximize the efforts of these groups is hampered by our lack of equipment and funding. WE NEED YOUR HELP!